Troubleshooting: Battery Failure! Error on Dymo Rhino Printers

If you get a "Battery Failure!" Error on your Dymo Rhino Industrial Printer try the following steps:

Reset the printer.

  • Turn the printer off
  • Disconnect from the power supply
  • Press the "On" button plus the 6 button at the same time
  • The reset was successful if the message "ERASE" is displayed

Power cycle then charge your printer.

  • Remove the Li-ion battery
  • Disconnect from the power supply
  • Clean the silver connectors of the battery with a dry cotton swab
  • Press the power button 20 times to discharge the printer
  • Insert the battery back 
  • Charge the printer for 3 hours

If the problem is not solved please contact Dymo Technical Support via their website.