Guidelines for Applying Dymo LetraTag Iron-On Fabric Labels

Preliminary Testing

Before applying the label to your final piece, we recommend conducting a trial run on a similar fabric. Since iron temperatures can vary slightly, this step helps you find the perfect heat setting for secure label adhesion.

Suitable Fabrics

Achieve the best adhesion on flat-finish garments made from pure linen, cotton, or a mix of cotton and polyester. Avoid using these labels on silk or 100% polyester. Different fabrics react differently, so always refer to the garment's care label for its material composition.

Printing Iron-On Fabric Labels

Load your LetraTag with the iron-on label cassette. Enter your text, print the label, and then carefully peel off the front layer of carbon from the label.

Label Application Process

Heat your iron to a medium-high setting (290°F to 370°F, or 130°C to 170°C). Iron out any creases on the area of the fabric where you'll place the label. Position the label and cover it with a cotton cloth. Press down firmly with the iron for 10 seconds. Avoid shifting the iron to keep the label in place. Focus especially on the edges of the label, repeating this step 3 times with adequate cooling time in between.

Fabrics to Avoid

Do not use these labels on fabrics with a rough texture or long threads, such as pile, uneven or water-resistant materials, heat-sensitive fabrics, dark-colored fabrics, which might change color, and silk, wool, or 100% polyester materials.

Washing Instructions

Wash garments with these labels using gentle or alkaline detergents at a temperature below 150°F (60°C). Labels attached correctly can withstand multiple washes, but prolonged use of bleach may cause fading.

Label Removal

To remove a label, set your iron to a medium-high heat and press down on the label for 10 seconds. Once heated, use tweezers to gently peel off the label, starting from a corner. Exercise caution as both the iron and label will be hot. If the label cools and becomes difficult to remove, reheat and try again.

Safety Precautions

Always keep the iron away from children.