Navigating the Choices: Dymo LabelWriter 550 vs. LabelWriter 550 Turbo

When your business demands a seamless and efficient way to handle mailing, filing, and organization, a reliable label printer becomes an indispensable asset. Dymo, a brand synonymous with robust office solutions, offers two impressive models in its lineup: the Dymo LabelWriter 550 and the LabelWriter 550 Turbo, direct replacements for the popular Labelwriter 450 and 450 Turbo models. Though they share a family resemblance, each has distinct features tailored to different business needs. Here's a comparison to help you pinpoint which Dymo label printer is the ideal pick for your office.

Core Features of the Dymo LabelWriter Series

Before diving into what sets them apart, let's explore the features that both the LabelWriter 550 and the 550 Turbo share:

  • Automatic Label Recognition™: This smart feature takes the guesswork out of label loading by displaying the size, type, and number of labels remaining.
  • Direct Thermal Printing Technology: Say goodbye to the expense and hassle of ink or toner—these printers use thermal printing for crisp and clear labels every time.
  • Dymo Connect for Desktop Software: Enhance your label creation with this intuitive software that opens up a world of design possibilities.

With these shared attributes, both printers stand as solid foundations for handling a variety of labeling tasks with precision and ease.

Dymo LabelWriter 550: The Efficient Organizer

The Dymo LabelWriter 550, with a street price of around £80 (plus VAT), is designed for those who appreciate straightforward efficiency. It prints up to 62 labels per minute, which is more than adequate for most small to medium-sized businesses. If your label printing needs are moderate and you prefer a no-frills, reliable machine, the LabelWriter 550 is an excellent choice.

Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo: The Speedy Networker

The LabelWriter 550 Turbo, on the other hand, is a step up with a street price around £120 (plus VAT). It's tailored for environments where time is of the essence, offering a 45% increase in speed and the ability to churn out up to 90 labels per minute. Moreover, the addition of LAN connectivity means the Turbo can serve multiple users over a network—perfect for busier offices where various staff require access to the label printer.

The Verdict

Which model is right for you?

  • Opt for the Dymo LabelWriter 550 if your labeling is consistent but not necessarily high-volume. Its efficiency will keep your office humming along without missing a beat.
  • Choose the Dymo LabelWriter 550 Turbo if you're looking to save every possible minute with faster printing speeds and need the convenience of network connectivity to accommodate a team.

Both the LabelWriter 550 and the 550 Turbo promise quality and productivity. Your decision will ultimately hinge on the volume of your label printing and the value you place on time and network capability. Dymo ensures that no matter your choice, organization is just a label away.