Dymo DUO printer doesn't install properly on Windows 11 - Known Issue - Fix in progress


There seems to be a problem with the Dymo DUO label printer on Win 11 PC's.

When the printer is connected is should show up as a label printer and a tape printer, however only the label printer side shows up.

Even if the tape side is manually configured it still does not work and reports that a tape needs to be inserted, even when there is one installed.

This appears to be a bug in Windows 11, which also affects other devices from other manufacturers, where those devices should appear as two separate devices in Windows.

For example, a multifunction printer that should appear as both a printer and a scanning device, or in this case the DUO which should appear as both a label printer device and a separate tape printer device.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. The latest information we have is that they hope to release a fix in the 22nd May 2022 update, but this is not guaranteed.