Dymo XTL 1868740 - 12mm Clear Polyester (Tape) with Black Text

Dymo XTL 1868740 - 12mm Clear Polyester (Tape) with Black Text

PERMANENT POLYESTER FLAT SURFACE tape, for labelling panels, blocks, faceplates, shelves and other flat surfaces. Clear tape for a professional finish. UL recognised as a componant to UL969.

This cartridge is compatible with the Dymo XTL-300 and XTL-500 printers ONLY.

Brand:  Dymo XTL
Part No:  1868740
Material:  Polyester (Tape)
Colour:  Clear
Label Width:  12mm
Adhesive:  Permanent
Quantity:  1 Roll of Tape (9.1M)



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Dymo XTL™ labels are durable and made for a variety of surfaces. Whether you are labeling to OSHA, ISO and ANSI color standards or labeling in harsh conditions, Dymo XTL labels have you covered. Jobsite-tested and UL-recognized, these labels won’t smear or fade. 

For labeling panels, blocks, faceplates, shelves, bins, beams and more, Permanent Flat Surface labels have a glossy finish that leaves your work looking professional.  Constructed of polyester material and coated with industrial-grade adhesive. Available in smaller widths down to 6mm (¼”) to fit in tight spaces.